X–R-A-Y Literary Magazine’s vision is to publish uncomfortable, entertaining, and unforgettable prose that shines brighter than the skeleton in your body, prose that sees through the skin and reveals something deeper. We work hard to give our readers the best authors on the planet. 

We publish three to five new stories per week. Special and Quarterly Issues are published throughout the year. Follow us @xraylitmag or here to read all the goodies.

Founding Editor: Jennifer Greidus @copcoat
Managing Editor: Crow Jonah Norlander @crowjonah
Creative Nonfiction Editor: Jo Varnish @JoVarnish1
Assistant Editor: Gauraa Shekhar @bloodandGauraa
Assistant Editor: Nick Farriella @nick_farriella
Assistant Editor: Tyler Dillow @brothertjd
Acquisitions Editor: Liz Crowder @lzcrowder 
Consulting Editor: Chris Dankland @cdankland

Social Media: Sean Littlefield Chumley
Social Media: Kaitlin Hanrahan @ColdSlaw99
Artwork: Bob Schofield @anothertower
Reader: Tyler Dempsey @tylercdempsey
Reader: Megan Carlson @MegsCarlson
Editorial Intern: Noa Covo @covo_noa
Editorial Intern: Kaja Rae Lucas @kraelucas


“X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine is my favorite new journal. Whenever I feel the fatigue of fiction, all I have to do is go there and read one of the brilliant, idiosyncratic stories curated by the awesome editors and writers Jennifer Greidus and Chris Dankland. Each story they publish gives me a pleasurable jolt of electricity, the linguistic equivalent of touching someone’s hand and getting a static electric shock, or a story that generates a more intense charge, in the sense of being struck by lightning.”

-Alistair McCartney, author of The Disintegrations

“X-ray is legit lit. Best writers around publishing favorites of mine along with surprisingly good newcomers. Everything I’ve read there has been great. Jennifer and Chris are the most provocative and exciting editors you’re likely to come across.”

-Troy James Weaver, author of Temporal

“A clouded X-R-A-Y Magazine is your moon tonight. I stand at a corner of the internet and stare up, astonished by its own secret light.”

-Eîlot Tuerie, publisher at Wasted Books

“X-R-A-Y is doing a phenomenal job at curating stories that are excellent and weird. The writing is strong, the aesthetic is unconventional, and Chris and Jen celebrate their writers well. Honestly though, all I care about is whether the writing moves me, and X-R-A-Y stories have been doing it for me on a freakishly consistent basis.”

-Stephen Mortland, a super X-R-A-Y contributor

“Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly—they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.”

-Aldous Huxley, our biggest fan