DISAPPEAR HERE by Autumn Christian

I wanted a girl I could take my sunglasses off for. I wanted a girl that wanted to hold my reflection in the center of her eyes.

Creative Nonfiction

FOREVER 21 by Sylvia Math

As our postcoital conversations pushed us further and further away from each other, I lounged in his bed, nibbling on a melting L or Q or F.


HOUSEBROKE by Stephanie Gresham

It happens more than a person might think, animals in the house. Squirrels nest in a closet, a rat snake curls up in the tub.


GENE JACKMAN by Steve Gergley

But as I looked through the photos, I grew more and more angry. The actor who played Wolverine wasn’t in any of them. 


DENVER by Tess Pollok

He was angry. He was scared of her. He was scared of the post office. Everything is on accident or everything is on purpose or everything is both.