Angie McCullagh

Angie McCullagh is a Seattle writer and Pushcart Prize nominee published in a handful of literary journals including Colorado Review, The Florida Review, Barren Magazine, and others. She loves sparkling sentences, skittish mutts, and black coffee in bed. She’s currently spit-polishing her novel, WE ARE BROKEN about a young woman trying to make it in grunge-era Seattle.

THE WHOLE FLOW by Angie McCullagh

I try to become liquid like she told me. I pour myself into heavy-bottomed glasses and over nubby sofas and down rucked, tan chests. I puddle onto the floor and sometimes throw myself into the wind only to splash back on bug-splattered windshields. To survive, she said, you have to learn to go with it. But my mother’s advice is bad. I learn this when my boy is first diagnosed and I think we can do it, I am flexible, Watch me drain my whole body into his syringes and make him better. I will do anything, anything at all….

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