Luz Rosales

Luz Rosales is a nonbinary Mexican-American fiction writer, college student, and horror lover from Los Angeles. Their work has appeared in Strange Horizons, Okay Donkey, Cotton Xenomorph, and Black Telephone Magazine. They are an editor for Lupercalia Press and a prose reader for Farside Review. They can be found on Twitter @TERRORCORES.

FULL OF HOLES by Luz Rosales

Kylie fingers Martina under the bleachers after school. Martina is warm, and moist, and slippery, and when she cums against Kylie’s palm, she moans so loudly that Kylie thinks everyone on campus must have heard. She hopes this is true.  “I’m so proud of myself,” she says, and Martina laughs her scratchy laugh. Martina doesn’t come to school the next day, doesn’t answer Kylie’s texts. The day after that, she’s found floating down a river in pieces. *** Several of their classmates attend her funeral. They crowd together in the church, sniffling, and holding each other, and pretending to cry….

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