Mila Jaroniec

Mila Jaroniec is the author of Plastic Vodka Bottle Sleepover (Split Lip Press) and the micro-chapbook Parking Lot Poems (Ghost City Press). She teaches writing at Catapult and is currently in need of a German Shepherd.

POLAROIDS by Mila Jaroniec and Cory Bennet

Why waste energy saying you know what I mean in five separate words when you can smush them together and let them fall off the tongue like your drunk ass down the stairs after several bottles of MD 20/20?

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BEAN HEADS by Mila Jaroniec

In the little free library was a hand-sewn chapbook with poems from all the poets who had read at Bean Heads. The open mic was every Friday and gray men would shuffle in to crinkle coffee-stained pages at the microphone. It was an Event. There were gasps and snaps and silence. I didn’t understand it. Here I was, fifteen years old and crafting big papers about The Count of Monte Cristo, and someone had written this: Amoral Amnesty A parliament of stalking butlers Deafening silence over the telephone The Pope flows like running water Calligraphy makes the Queen go blind….

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