Mila Jaroniec

Mila Jaroniec is the author of Plastic Vodka Bottle Sleepover (Split Lip Press) and the micro-chapbook Parking Lot Poems (Ghost City Press). She teaches writing at Catapult and is currently in need of a German Shepherd.

BEAN HEADS by Mila Jaroniec

In the little free library was a hand-sewn chapbook with poems from all the poets who had read at Bean Heads. The open mic was every Friday and gray men would shuffle in to crinkle coffee-stained pages at the microphone. It was an Event. There were gasps and snaps and silence. I didn’t understand it. Here I was, fifteen years old and crafting big papers about The Count of Monte Cristo, and someone had written this: Amoral Amnesty A parliament of stalking butlers Deafening silence over the telephone The Pope flows like running water Calligraphy makes the Queen go blind….

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