Oliver Zarandi

Oliver Zarandi is a writer and editor. His work has appeared in Hotel, Hobart, Little White Lies, Vol 1 Brooklyn and FANZINE. His short story collection, Soft Fruit In The Sun is coming out with Hexus Press this year. He is working on a novel, IDIOTS. Contact him on Twitter: @zarandi.

BLOOD! by Oliver Zarandi

The elderly lady bleeds every day in my favourite cafe. The owner accommodates this and surrounds her with buckets. He mops it up. Sometimes he puts her in a bathtub, right there in the centre of the café, and she fills it up, laughing and bleeding. People applaud and remark on her unique nature. I hate her, I tell my husband, I hate her with all my heart. He says nothing because he’s a coward. He carries on reading his newspaper and ignores me. He has beady eyes and untrustworthy hands. He has the bony toes of a medieval Jesus….

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