FOUR STORIES by Joe Aguilar

FOUR STORIES by Joe Aguilar

Face Tattoo

I get a tattoo of my face over my face. Now my face looks even more like my face. It’s my face twice over. My wife asks me if I’m in a good mood because today I look brighter than ever. I tell her yes. It’s true. I’m true. My truest face.



The Man with the Tiger’s Head Who Answers Phones

I have a human body and a tiger’s head. People stare at me on the train. I avoid their eyes. I answer phones at the company that makes weapons. Nobody sees me over the phone. My voice is deep and splendid like a purr. I sleep very deeply. In the dream I run through a jungle. The trees are on fire. Somebody’s screaming.



Night Meat

  1. In the cabin we eat meat for nourishment.
  2. Chad leaves to look for more meat. Where is Chad?
  3. Vlad goes to look for Chad. Where are Vlad and Chad?
  4. We are hungry enough to lock the doors. Tad and I knock on Brad’s door. Poor dead Brad!
  5. I wander the woods full of nourishment. The moon tracks me like an eye.



The End of the World

I am out for my morning run when I see the mushroom cloud blossoming over the skyscrapers. Then I hear the explosion and am knocked to my hands and knees. The air smells sweet like ozone. A car alarm is going off. The end is near. I run into a gas station. A microwave beeps. The cashier has hung himself with a red licorice rope. A hotdog turns behind glass. It starts to rain.

Joe Aguilar lives in Worcester, MA. His writing is in Strange Horizons, Conjunctions, and Threepenny Review.

Art by Crow Jonah Norlander.