Our Refund Policy for Classes


Shit happens. We know. If something comes up that means you can’t attend a class you signed up for, even at the last minute, get in touch and we’ll be happy to refund your fee. 


We can offer you a partial refund if you sign up for the class, attend a little bit of it, and realize it’s not the right class for you. Again, get in touch. 


We can’t offer a refund or a partial refund if the class doesn’t work out for you due to technical issues on your end. That is: if your internet is too slow for Zoom, and you only figure that out once the class has started, you can’t get your money back. We’re sorry. 


If the technical thing that goes wrong is an act of God or government – e.g. if the power goes out unexpectedly – we can probably send you a partial refund. Tell us about it. 


If something technical goes wrong on the instructor’s end, we’ll either refund your fee or figure out a way to offer the class at another time that works for everybody. 


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