B.R. Yeager

B.R. Yeager has lived in Western Massachusetts forever. He is the author of Negative Space (Apocalypse Party), Pearl Death (Inside the Castle), and Amygdalatropolis (Schism[2]).

B.R. YEAGER on film with Rebecca Gransden

What film, or films, made the first deep impression on you? The first films I truly loved were incredibly basic, because I was a kid. And I was a blockbuster kid. I was obsessed with Aliens, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, etc. And I still love those movies, even though they’ve long been replaced as my favorites. But I think the biggest mark they left on me was a love of grandiose scope and spectacle. There’s plenty to critique about those films with regard to emotional or intellectual complexity, but in terms of presenting a spectacular, grandiose vision they’re pretty impeccable….

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