Eric Scot Tryon

Eric Scot Tryon’s work has appeared or is forthcoming Glimmer TrainWillow SpringsMonkeybicycleBerkeley Fiction ReviewLEON Literary ReviewBending GenresWisconsin Review and others. Eric is also the Founding Editor of Flash Frog. He lives in Pleasant Hill, CA with his wife and daughter. More info can be found at and on Twitter @EricScotTryon.

THAT WAS THE YEAR WE by Eric Scot Tryon

That was the year we went to Colombia to visit her parents. Her mom had just had surgery on her hand and couldn’t cook, so we spent a month eating empanadas from the little market on the corner, the one with the blind dog that always lay across the open door. Perfect golden-brown crescents, we devoured them on the small white plastic table outside with a cold beer or we ate them as we walked around the town square. She would tell me the history of the church or about the protests that happened there when she was a kid….

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