Madeline Anthes

Madeline Anthes is the acquisitions editor of Hypertrophic Literary and the assistant editor of Lost Balloon. Her work can be found in Jellyfish Review, WhiskeyPaper, and more. Find her @maddieanthes or see more of her work on

HOME by Madeline Anthes

You say you’d follow him anywhere, so when he asks you to move across the country, you do. You say you’d do anything for love, and you love him. He wants you to love your life with him. You try. Your rented house has plain beige walls. It’s in a suburb and has a fenced-in yard. You don’t have dogs or children to use it. The kitchen is tiny. You bump into each other every night as you fix your lunches for the next day. You’re watching infants at a childcare center. You change diapers and clean spills all day….

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