FIRST AID by Boston Chandler

FIRST AID by Boston Chandler

A toddler cries near the spume-line because she was stung by a jelly. The pink strings of raised skin reveal where the tentacles touched her little legs and stomach. Her water wings are off and floating away. A stranger walks up to mom and baby. He offers to pee on the child. 

We can handle it ourselves, thanks. 

Are you sure? I’ve got a full tank. He begins to untie his trunks and mom stands up. 

Get out of here, pervert.  

He doesn’t get out of here. People watch from their small islands of striped towels and coolers. I stand up and walk over. I give the sand beside her a bottle of vinegar. 

I always bring some with me. I got stung once. I stand between them and the pervert. He walks off. 

I walk off into the sea thinking fondly of Easter. How I dunked the eggs into green and blue to get the color of the ocean. 

Boston Chandler obtained her MFA from the University of Washington in 2020. She currently resides in the PNW with her spouse and cat. She enjoys reading, cooking, and of course, writing.

Art by Steve Anwyll @oneloveasshole

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