Cory Bennet

Cory Bennet graduated with an MFA from University of Nevada. He has published stories at Expat, Hobart, X-R-A-Y, Forever Magazine, and elsewhere. He lives in Ohio.

POLAROIDS by Mila Jaroniec and Cory Bennet

Why waste energy saying you know what I mean in five separate words when you can smush them together and let them fall off the tongue like your drunk ass down the stairs after several bottles of MD 20/20?

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It’s that time of year when California burns. It will peak in the Fall when the shadows begin to grow longer. There was a lightning storm across the Bay Area last night and fires today and ash falling from the gray sky. My knee is torn up from skating but I’m restless tonight so I cruise the neighborhood inhaling the poison air.  Once the fire had torn through my parents’ neighborhood, we tried to return but the cops had all the roads closed. My stepdad knew a way through an orchard. We came upon the house and it still stood….

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