Fran-Claire Kenney

Fran-Claire Kenney is a Queer writer, filmmaker, and student based near Philadelphia. Her work has appeared in Coffin Bell Journal, New Pop Lit, and Wards Lit Mag, and she has been awarded by The Short Story Project. Kenney is on Twitter, YouTube, and probably the couch, as well.

SATURDAY NIGHT (AT THE ER) by Fran-Claire Kenney

Trigger Warnings: anxiety, mental illness, self-harm, suicide At best (at first), it feels like mooching off. There are all these kids in the pediatric ward with oxygen masks gripping their faces like leeches, or their scalps shiny against the fluorescents, or their parents sitting watch in a casually tragic state of exhaustion next to big beds containing little, broken people. And there I am, looking twenty-one though I’m actually not, and I’ve got, wait for it, anxiety. Everybody says they have anxiety. People don’t just say they were in a crash and felt each rib snap under the car door….

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