Katharine Coldiron

Katharine Coldiron’s books are Ceremonials, Junk Film, and Wire Mothers. Find her at kcoldiron.com or on Twitter @ferrifrigida.

X-R-A-Y Specs: THE PLUMBER (1979)

I don’t think Max’s colonization of the bathroom is an accident. It’s a place where we feel vulnerable, and many times we attach a lock to the door to prevent others from walking in unannounced.

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X-R-A-Y SPECS: Toys (1992)

In fact, my experience watching Popeye is what this film most reminded me of: the feeling of alarm, then dismay, and then the slow death of acceptance. 

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XRAY SPECS: Chafed Elbows (1966)

Isn’t that what every artist wants? To do the thing in the way they want to do it and have everyone they care about want that for them, too? 

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X-R-A-Y SPECS: All-American Murder

All-American Murder isn’t bad, but it’s almost an extraterrestrial product, a movie made for humans by something that has no relationship to the physical universe.

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I knew I was going to love it when the head started to vomit guns. The tone felt like a Monty Python film. Is that a common comparison?

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